The Snowflake Architect provides technical expertise to make the Snowflake implementation successful. The architect fully understands the fields of data architecture, ETL/ELT, data security, performance analysis, and analytics.


•Designs and implements cloud data warehouses using Snowflake

•Designs complete data analytics stack and workflow, from ETL to data platform design to BI and analytics tools

•Create As-Is analysis and requirements based on existing databases, data warehouses, and data processing

•Create integration and configuration scripts using a combination of SQL, SQL analytics, Python, Ruby, Perl, or Bash

•Apply knowledge of and experience with large-scale database technology (e.g. Netezza, Exadata, Teradata, Greenplum, etc.) to design of data lake and Snowflake architecture

•Design, implement data pipelines using a variety of tools including

•non-relational platforms and tools for large-scale data processing (e.g. Hadoop, HBase)

•native tools of large-scale infrastructure-as-a-service platforms (e.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

•common off the shelf (COTS) packaged tools

•Deploy Snowflake deployment best practices

•Develop complex data models in Snowflake

•Tune and Troubleshoot Snowflake for performance and optimize utilization

•Provide guidance on how to resolve customer-specific technical challenges

•Build, design, architect and implement high-volume, high-scale data analytics and machine learning Snowflake solutions in the cloud.

•Provide technology leadership in driving large complex Snowflake implementations.

•Implement, monitor & maintain complex Snowflake solutions