Job Description

Our client an American Fortune 500 industrial supply company is looking for a skilled Scrum Master to participate in their projects regarding his e-commerce.

30 Day Objectives

  • Responsible for running daily stand ups, retrospectives, sprint planning
  • Define, build and support Dashboards with sprint team metrics
  • Managing JIRA administration related to updating stories/bugs/sprints – ensuring all items meet our definitions based on status
  • Managing JIRA administration, TEAMS administration for questions or access issues
  • Identifying and calling out blockers to facilitate resolution

60 Day Objectives

  • Provides data driven insights to optimize team – recommendations on practice/process changes
  • Identifies and utilizes “coachable moments” to promote agile best practices – ensures team is using ceremony time effectively and appropriately
  • Comfortable/capable of removing blockers themselves
  • Distills retrospective feedback into action items and empowers team to act
  • Ensures JIRA best practices are met for all items in sprint/progress (i.e. components, epic link, story points, status)

90 Day Objectives

  • Identifies and recommends opportunities for standardization across BI/Analytics teams
  • Define, document, standardize definition of ‘Done’
  • Define, document, standardize validation process/tracking
  • Define/document process for defect opening/triage
  • Has helped team reach goals of JIRA proficiency/working item management KT
  • Goal: The whole team should know...
  • How to create a story, task, sub-task, defect
  • Update an existing story (add dependencies, add flags, change story points, status, owner)
  • Criteria for identifying if something is ready for dev
  • How to bring an item into the current sprint
  • How to create a page in confluence
  • How to estimate a story
  • Goal: all leads should know (in addition to the list above)...
  • How to start/end a sprint (or release the board for Kanban)
  • How to pull in a sprint's worth of work
  • How to groom a story, task, spike
  • How to lead a tech huddle
  • How to lead a daily stand up
  • How to update a sprint board (i.e. add/change a team member)


Promotes transparency and collaboration across BI/Analytics team members

Supports and sustains team agreements (i.e. definition of ‘ready for development’, ‘done’)

Helps team apply agile, scrum or Kanban principles to continuously improve delivery

Fosters self-organization and emphasize knowledge transfer across team members